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Essence SmartCare UK

Local Service – Global expertise

While senior care in UK is transforming from analogue to digital, choose a partner with uncompromised credibility worldwide and superior service to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Our mission is to deliver excellence in every aspect of connected care: credibility, reliability, service and innovation.


This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the care environment is considered, and is designed to adapt to the ever changing needs of individuals as well as health and care organisations, offering modular functionality that can adapt with the unique requirements of each person we support.

Why Essence SmartCare UK

When you choose to collaborate with Essence, you choose to be ready for the future of health and social care and organisation’s fast-changing needs. We treat every customer like we want our customers to treat the elderly under their care- with warm, fast, personalised, serious, and sincere service so our loved ones can live comfortably for as long as possible.

Uncompromised Expertise.
Delivering over 1 million installation in 27 countries

Uncompromised Credibility. Facilitating over 3.5 million emergency calls a year

Uncompromised Service. Consulting and support along the transformation

Digital deployment in dozens of local authorities across the UK

5 years advanced warranty available

Easy access to Advanced Technology. High availability of products and local stock

Elderly Care

Ultimate End-to-End Elderly Home
Care Monitoring Solution

Fully digital technology enabled multi-service care platform enabling people to living independently, with active lives, and full confidence, ensuring their own well-being and peace of mind for their loved ones.



Remote Health Monitoring

Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Technology that Cares

Innovative TeleHealth platform, VitalOn, enables level of vital signs monitoring, proactive and predictive care, for a wide range of health conditions.




Elderly Care

Independent Living With Intelligent at Home and on the go Care Solutions

Connected-care and remote patient monitoring solutions, enabling people to enjoy the comfort of aging at home & active lives with full confidence, ensuring their own well-being and peace of mind for their loved ones.



Remote Health Monitoring

Advanced and Flexible Health Monitoring

Innovative TeleHealth platform that enables proactive and comprehensive remote health monitoring on any level for a wide range of health conditions.

Hospital at Home

Chronic Disease Management

360° of uncompromised care

We provide 360° care around the elderly home care monitoring, health parameters, fall detection, and protection on-the-go. The circle of care requires the holistic approach we provide through our Telecare and Telehealth products.

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Essence SmartCare UK Ltd.

10-12 Bourlet Close
London W1W 7BR
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)20 3797 3065

Carl Ryan – Sales Manager

M: +44 7918 050906

Sarah Watts – Sales Manager

M: +44 7776 505222

Mark Hewson – Technical Solution Engineer

M: +44 7719 302926