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EPP Collection – Fashionable Wearables

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Jewelry Elegantly Designed Emergency Pendant Plus


Introducing the new jewelry version of our emergency pendant plus with a fashionable ornamental motif – designed for the discerning senior who wants to feel safe and secure without the stigma of wearing an emergency device.
As with the EPP, this beautifully designed device provides emergency-situation signaling fully integrated with the Care@Home™ platform.




Its features include:


Lightweight, wearable device attached to the lanyard provided• With optional Active service, extends coverage away from home premises
• Multi-function device (indoors/outdoors) providing panic button alerts
• LED indication of alarm-in-progress and reception status
• Alert notification sent to the HSP monitoring station via the Care@Home™ control panel for emergency situations
• Replaceable battery
• Industry leading high RF range
• Supports automatic over-the-air software (RSU) programming and configuration upgrade