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Care@Home Family

Self-Monitoring Home Care for Families

Proactive Care
from families

Care@Home™ Family brings customized care for your loved ones with an advanced interface that allows family members to keep abreast of elderly relatives who require partial or full daily monitoring. This flexible solution enables family members to adapt monitoring parameters to the needs of the resident and can be used as a self-monitored or professionally monitored service.

Modular, Flexible and Personalized to Your Needs

Activity Monitoring

Care@Home™ Activity Monitoring platform is a comprehensive end-to-end aging-in-place solution that allows seniors to live independently and safely in their own home, knowing that help will be at hand when needed. Using non-intrusive sensing and detection devices and dedicated software, the system can follow a senior’s daily activities and build a profile of them, allowing unusual activity or inactivity to be highlighted. Using the profile and continuing sensor readings, Care@Home™ identifies when there may be a need for assistance, and triggers an alarm to a monitoring center, family and caregivers.


Care@Home™ Activity Monitoring also offers the possibility to set Smart Rules to receive notifications of specific behavior of interest according to user defined parameters that are not dependent on regular patterns.

Cloud data processing and analysis

Care@Home™ a Complete Eco System

Key Features

  1. Confidence and independence

    “My Care@Home Family system allows me to move freely around my house with the knowledge that I am safe. I am happy to know that I have some control over my wellbeing while being fully cared for by my family and home-care provider.”

  2. Customized and flexible

    “The beauty of this system is that is allows me to decide exactly which of my father’s daily activities I want to track and receive alerts. If he has woken late or missed a meal I will know about it. This is important to me“

  3. Adding value for service providers

    “The Care@Home Family product has allowed us to increase our value to our customers. This is a self-installed solution that allows family members to keep an eye on their loved ones while offering the peace of mind of professional response.”