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Care@Home Pro

Professional intelligent home care solution

End-to-End solution for telecare service providers

Care@Home™ Pro constantly learns and adapts to the daily behavior of individuals and provides alerts with different severity levels based on deviation from the daily routine. These personalized real time alerts enable timely prevention of possible deterioration in the senior’s wellbeing

Modular, Flexible and Personalized to Your Needs

Activity Monitoring

Care@Home™ Activity Monitoring platform is a comprehensive end-to-end aging-in-place solution that allows seniors to live independently and safely in their own home, knowing that help will be at hand when needed. Using non-intrusive sensing and detection devices and dedicated software, the system can follow a senior’s daily activities and build a profile of them, allowing unusual activity or inactivity to be highlighted. Using the profile and continuing sensor readings, Care@Home™ identifies when there may be a need for assistance, and triggers an alarm to a monitoring center, family and caregivers.


Care@Home™ Activity Monitoring also offers the possibility to set Smart Rules to receive notifications of specific behavior of interest according to user defined parameters that are not dependent on regular patterns.

Cloud data processing and analysis


Powered by advance technology and efficient user experience, CareView enables the configuration of the control panel parameters that define the operating environment for the Care@Home™ functionality, before and after installation on the premises. The cloud-based solution allow viewing and managing of a single or multiple control panels, helping your organization to reduce operational costs and optimize resource utilization. 

Care@Home™ a Complete Eco System

Key Features

  1. Unique Customer Experience

    “I feel safe at home and am much more confident going about my day-to-day life. I am in good hands and know that my caregiver is looking after me. I don´t need to change anything in my daily routine"

  2. Personalized & Proactive

    “The Care@Home™ system learns my father’s daily activities without needing him to activate anything. It is smart enough to alert me and the emergency services when something is wrong"

  3. New Differentiating Services

    “Offering Care@Home™ has improved our customers’ lives. It has allowed us to grow from providing emergency response to a complete independent suite of services”

Unique Devices